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Million Dollar Question JIHAD DEFINITION ???? Who will Define Jihad ???? Who will do Jihad ????
STOP PRIVATIZATION OF JIHAD ;;;;; Why Not Government of Pakistan explaining or interpreting the JIHAD DEFINATION for innocent people of Pakistan, who are derailed by certain So-called Religious Organizations and Ulma- e- Soo ???? Government and Media must teach the meaning of "JIHAD " to the derailed Nation. Nobody / any Aalim be allowed to Interpret the JIHAD and start JIHAD on his own ideology. It is the only duty of State / government that when and where the “Jihad” will be "Started”.
Government of Pakistan and Pak Army very rightly doing JIHAD (Operation Zarb- e-Azb, Operation & Radd ul Fassad etc) against Terrorists ( Dehshat Gards) and saving the country properly. These Terrorist (according to a section of Pakistani Muslims, are Jehadi and serving Islam) are still Powerful enough, They can do target Kil…
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UNO Security Council Resolutions # 38, 39, 47, 51 of year 1948 and 80, 91, 96 of year 1950 and 98 of year 1952, which are related with DISPUTED territory of  Jammu & Kashmir and were adopted to find out Peaceful settlement of Jammu & Kashmir Issue Between Pakistan and India upon their claim on Jammu and Kashmir. Main function of these resolutions were adopted and agreed by India, Pakistan and UN Security Council and this function was a “free, fair & impartial Plebiscite in Jammu and Kashmir under UNO Umbrella (arrangements)”.
It is history’s biggest blunder and dishonesty by India that she refused to accept these above mentioned UNSC Resolutions for peace in the world and started atrocities / killings in Kashmir. Since 1947 India continuously creates a state of Unrest in Indo-Pak subcontinent. Indian Forces killed thousands (More Than 200000) Innocent Kashmiri people who were demanding th…

India Stop Human Rights Violations in Kashmir & arrange Referendum (Plebiscite) In Jammu & Kashmir for Self Determination

India Stop Human Rights Violations in Kashmir & arrange Referendum (Plebiscite) In Jammu & Kashmir for Self Determination

In 1948 and in Consecutive years United Nations Security Council has Passed many Resolutions in favour of Referendum (Plebiscite) in Indian held Jammu & Kashmir for their option to Join with Pakistan or India.
Now Why India Falsely Claims Jammu & Kashmir her integral part. She must accept Kashmir as a disputed territory as per United Resolutions, and India Come on table under UN umbrella for plebiscite in Jammu & Kashmir.
India must show enough moral ethics to accept Jammu & Kashmir as a disputed territory according to Pakistan’s Claim and UN Security Council Resolution 1948, To Complete agenda of partition 1947 between Pakistan and India.

Impartial Plebiscite in Kashmir as per UN Resolution 1948

India intentionally not accepting UN resolutions on Jummu & Kashmir, creating a state of unrest in Indo-Pak  subcontinent and killing thousands Kashmiri people who are demanding Right of self determination. UN Security Council 1948) Recommends to the Governments of India and Pakistan the following measures as those which in the opinion of the Council are APPROPRIATE to bring about a cessation of the fighting and TO CREATE PROPER CONDITIONS FOR A FREE AND IMPARTIAL PLEBISCITE TO DECIDE WHETHER THE STATE OF JAMMU AND KASHMIR IS TO ACCEDE TO INDIA OR PAKISTAN. If UN Security council has ordered to hold Plebiscite in Indian Occupied Jammu and Kashmir,Why Pakistan is not Pressing India and the World community on  Plebiscite in Jammu and Kashmir ??? If people of Jammu & Kashmir are protesting for Freedom , Why India Posing them as terrorist in the world and committing atrocities / killings of protesting Muslims in Kashmir???. Why India not coming on Plebiscite in Jammu and Kashmir  …

Indian New Generation not properly Taught about embracing of Islam by Hinduism in India

Indian new generation not taught real picture of Islam / Indo Pak history / Hindu Conversion to Islam through spiritual teachings and Preaching by Sufi saints like Khawja Nizam ud din of Delhi and Respected Kh Moeenud Din Ajmari of Ajmer Shareef ,,,,

 A wrong history is taught to you ( Indians) by your Educationists ,,,, In Pakistan and India Muslims population is More than 38 Cror (380 Million) approx.  Majority of Hindu & Sikh (Rajput and Jat Families Residents of Haryana and Indian Punjab embraced Islam 400 to 500 years ago (not taught to new Hindu generation by their  forefathers),, Majority of these Muslims willingly migrated to Pakistan during Partition 1947 as it was agreed between both countries then. 

I Myself belong to Rajput Chohan Landlord family from Rohtak Haryana my Grandfather came Pakistan with his Family along with other Muslims of his village,,, In 1947 Both Govts exchanged the Record of agricultural Land and other property and on the basis of this record agricult…

Educators Recruitment 2016-2017: Problems Created by School Education Department Punjab Pakistan

Educators Recruitment 2016-2017:   Problems Created by School Education Department Punjab Pakistan Recruitment of Educators in BPS -9, 14 and 16 in School Education Department Punjab are under process now-a-days in Sargodha along with other districts of Punjab. It is astonishing that there is NO Government School Education Department website, where details of these vacancies are available. List of schools for educators vacancies is a LARGE list, comprises of 45 Pages (very expensive  to get  45 pages of Photo copies for poor families), God Knows why that most required list of school vacancies not floated on website of education.  In this age of information Technology we are unable to get any information about the process of Educators Recruitment on any website, Why?  Application Forms, Instructions, Recruitment policy guidelines are not available on any website. There is no system of submission of Online Applications in EDUCATION DEPARTMENT in this 21stcentury. People are going to Photocop…

A Document for Pakistani New Generation !!!!!!!! Actual draft of UNO Security Council: UNO KASHMIR RESOLUTION ;

A Document for Pakistani New Generation !!!!!!!! Actual draft of UNO Security Council: (For students of History) UNO KASHMIR RESOLUTION ;
Resolution of the Security Council of April 21, 1948::  " The Security Council, Having considered the complaint of the Government of India concerning the dispute over the State of Jammu and Kashmir; Having heard the representation of India in support of that complaint and the reply and counter-complaints of the representative of Pakistan; Being strongly of the opinion that the early restoration of peace and order in Jammu and Kashmir is essential and that India and Pakistan should do their utmost to bring about a cessation of all fighting; Noting with satisfaction that both India and Pakistan desire that the question of the accession of Jammu and Kashmir to India or Pakistan should be decided through the democratic method of a free and impartial plebiscite; Considering that the continuation of the dispute is likely to endanger international peace and s…